Wednesday, April 28, 2010


a wordle a day, keeps you sane all day...

the sentence for today is...

"Some Orchestra Conductors are MAD!"

They look like a crazy person when conducting, but they have the most complicated and genius brain that a normal person wouldn't have. Hey, as long they get their job done and we, audiences satisfied with the performance, it doesn't matter at all. On second thought, it does look cool too.

Take a look at this guy, Karajan. The expressions are priceless and he's really passionate about conducting the orchestra. Without him, the orchestra won't have the motivation to perform beyond outstanding measures...

This guy; Carlo Maria Giulini, looks like he's having a spiritual moment or maybe he didn't get his twiggies this morning. Haha, just kidding. A part from that, he did very well on conducting the Beethoven's masterpiece.

Finally, lets take a look at one of Beethoven's masterpiece and see how complicated his brain works on composing this masterpiece. He's trully one of God's gift to us.
On the video, each bars and colors represents different music instruments and key notes. Just watch, listen and you'll understand.

Don't judge a book by it's lame cover... until next time. Take care!

Sunday, April 25, 2010


a wordle a day, keeps you sane all day...

the sentence for today is...

"People who jumps queue are uncivilized!"

yes, they're rude + selfish + deserve a fine ticket. Yes, there are set of rules and some can be broken but it's not applicable when you're queuing for a train, bus or any public transport on that matter. People just don't like you and hot chicks will hate you. Even those cute Korean guys disgust girls who jumps queue.

and please, let the passenger disembark the train before you board it. It'll make our life much easier and trains don't have to delayed every time.

What? emergencies? Use a taxi la!

Thursday, April 22, 2010


Yup, I just saw the movie. Who played Big-Daddy? Read on!

A world with superheroes in real life?
It's not pretty I tell you.
The movie is full with hardcore action and blood everywhere. Not to mention the "F" word is used all the time also by the little girl played Hit-Girl. Dreaming on becoming a superhero so you could save other people and make other people like you, it just doesn't happen that way in real life. Being a superhero, you might get a lot of hits in youtube and myspace for being popular but are you really saving people's life?
That's what KICK-ASS is all about.

Kick-Ass and Red-Mist in a cool Mustang!

Dave Livewski is a regular high school student who loves comic books. One day he is inspired by all these comic books to become Kick-Ass, a superhero with no powers. First time he tried, he got stab and ran down by a car. Pity him.
Later, he is joined by Hit-Girl and her father Big-Daddy (which is surprisingly played by Nicolas Cage) and they form a vigilante team, fighting drug dealers and vandals.

When a drug dealer wants Kick-Ass dead, the drug dealer uses his son (Red-Mist) to get Kick-Ass to him. When he did, a worldwide internet broadcast was done where Kick-Ass and Big Daddy got their ass kicked brutally.

She's young, talented and cute?

Some of the female audience might not like the violence portrayed in the movie. Yes, this movie is for those above 18 only. Although this movie contains a lot of violence, explicit language and blood, it has a good moral value, drama and a bit of comedic value to spice up the movie and in the end, justice does prevails even in an unexpected way. As a conclusion, this movie Kicked Ass! Enough said.

I give it a 4 out of 5 stars!

Wednesday, April 21, 2010


a wordle a day, keeps you sane all day...

from today, I'll post up sentences or words from what I have experienced for the day or just anything interesting that pops-out from my mind.

the sentence for today is...

"Don't eat McD inside the Komuter train you dumb!"

Ya, was on my way back home when I saw this 2 girls eating McD burger inside the train. How rude, and the smell... it's just got all of us hungry. Hey, we are all tired and hungry too but can't you just wait or eat before you board the train. There's a reason why a sign that says "No Eating" for.

Are you blind?

Monday, April 19, 2010


It was a SPLENDID evening! It started with a medley of old "micro genius" games like Tetris, Mario, Pacman, Donkey Kong and Pong. It really does reminds me of the good old days.

Other songs played that evening were games from Megaman X, Sonic the Hedgehog, God of War, Halo, Metal Gear Solid, Medal of Honor, Final Fantasy X, Advent Rising, Legend of Zelda... and they kept the best for last, songs from Castlevania, Chrono Trigger and Chrono Cross was awesome!

Performing the music from Chrono Cross

Tommy Tallarico, the founder of Video Games Live come up with the idea and the first concert was held in 2002. After 8 years, this is their first ever show in Malaysia! Tommy joked "Sorry that we're 8 years late! It took us us 30 hours to get here, so feel the love!" haha. The concert was conducted by Jack Wall, which is also the co-Creator and Executive Producer.

I saw the ad from the big screen near the Getah Asli Building, Jalan Ampang. Firstly, I taught its just a video games convention where gamers meet and show off their skills. Not until I googled it then I realize, this is a MUST WATCH not-to-be-miss event! For those who still don't know, VIDEO GAMES LIVE is an Orchestra Concert playing songs, soundtracks from video games, old and new.

 The view inside the Plenary Hall, KL Convention Centre

The cheapest ticket was RM83 (RM71, student price), I just don't care. The luckiest person to go with me was my little sister who enjoyed the show very much.

On that evening also, a Malaysian Guitar Hero Champion played a song from Van Halen titled JUMP in front of the audience with Tallarico play along with his electric guitar. That kid played the expert mode and the hell he impress all of us. I really wish there's a video that i could show how awesome it was. Also, there's a 43 year old dude chosen from the audience to play SPACE INVADERS on stage interactively.

We also have a small video chat via Skype with the Father of Video Games, Ralph Baer. He's 88 years old!

One happy customer, haha!

I did bought some merchandises such as the T-Shirt and an LED necklace which is cool!

I really hope that they will come again next year and I want you guys to join me. You won't regret it!

Monday, April 12, 2010


Well, I was goin back from work. Moving backwards in a train just came up to my mind. As a result, i took this footage from the Kelana Jaya line LRT goin backwards from station KL Sentral to Bangsar.

One of the most awesome view that you can see when the train is moving. Maybe Jackie Chan could do some chasing scenes for his new movie on this track. It'll be awesome don't you think?


Sunday, April 11, 2010


Finally, Michael Schumachumacher is here in KL,
I wouldn't want to miss this. With my Canon Powershot camera, I was hoping that i could get some good shots there.

Goin straight to Jln Binjai, KLCC after work and there was a lot of people. I couldn't get a good angle first time then i went inside the arena where i saw Michael riding a bike and Nico Rosberg at the pit area. Also, some beautiful chicks there, hehe...

The sound of the F1 engine shock the silent atmosphere to a very powerful and energetic evening and it was pouring with rain too.

Yup, Pit Pulse does give your pulse a workout.

Roads from the KLCC area that they closed for the F1 Street Demo.
An actual F1 car driven by Schumi and Nico. Too bad no reverse gear eh :p

Here is the new Mercedes "Gullwing" safety car.
I wonder which one comes first, DeLorean or this Mercedes?

Beautiful is it? After the event, its good to see the tallest twin towers in the world. It does makes me feel proud to be a Malaysian :)

Check out the videos i took from the event. You could see Schumi did some drifting stunt using his F1 car, cool.