Saturday, May 15, 2010


a wordle a day, keeps you sane all day...

the sentence for today is...

"Girls who smoke are NOT cool"

Why there are so many pretty and beautiful girls smoke? It breaks my heart...

There were once a time where the perception of those who smoke are cool which makes them look mature. But, not until the early 80's people realize the effects of smoking. Much awareness, promotions and ads showing that smoking is not good for your health has been done but it just like pouring water onto oil, it doesn't mix!

Girls, whatever the reason is for you to smoke, whether to keep the mosquitoes away, or to make your boobs larger or it can make you thinner and slender or as an anti-stress agent or because you can make friends easier... please, STOP! It's for your own good.

FYI, I don't smoke.

Sunday, May 09, 2010


As an opening entry for the month of May, I would like to talk about Piala Thomas. Yes, the Thomas Cup Championship is back and our country, Malaysia has been given the privilege to be the host for this once in a two year event.

I still remember the historical event of 1992 where we got the Thomas Cup back after a 25 years of waiting... I was in standard 2 and i remember it just like I saw it on tv yesterday. With the help of youtube and the magical world of the world wide web, we could capture that moment again and again. Watch the video below...

 Can we repeat the 1992 victory?

...and now after 18 years, we still craving for the Thomas Cup! What the hell happen?

I totally agree that the 1992 squad was a powerful squad although they didn't put much hope on getting back the cup that year. But, their sportsmanship was very strong, it seems like they could move over a mountain with a single touch. Yea, WOW!

The 2010 team? Well, I don't want to put a lot of hope on them but with veteran players like Wong Choon Hann and Hafiz Hashim (who is the first Malaysian to won the All-England Cup) they could make a good comeback.

 Lee Chong Wei vs Lin Dan again?

With the guidance of the Sidek Brothers like Rashid Sidek and Misbun, anything is possible. Misbun who created the S service was unbeatable until BWF had to banned the service... ya, because no one else could master the service. What a shame!

I wish the 2010 squad a very good luck and please keep the sportsmanship alive! This is a teamwork competition, not a one man show. Give support to your fellow members and pray for the best!