Sunday, April 11, 2010


Finally, Michael Schumachumacher is here in KL,
I wouldn't want to miss this. With my Canon Powershot camera, I was hoping that i could get some good shots there.

Goin straight to Jln Binjai, KLCC after work and there was a lot of people. I couldn't get a good angle first time then i went inside the arena where i saw Michael riding a bike and Nico Rosberg at the pit area. Also, some beautiful chicks there, hehe...

The sound of the F1 engine shock the silent atmosphere to a very powerful and energetic evening and it was pouring with rain too.

Yup, Pit Pulse does give your pulse a workout.

Roads from the KLCC area that they closed for the F1 Street Demo.
An actual F1 car driven by Schumi and Nico. Too bad no reverse gear eh :p

Here is the new Mercedes "Gullwing" safety car.
I wonder which one comes first, DeLorean or this Mercedes?

Beautiful is it? After the event, its good to see the tallest twin towers in the world. It does makes me feel proud to be a Malaysian :)

Check out the videos i took from the event. You could see Schumi did some drifting stunt using his F1 car, cool.

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