Friday, February 26, 2010

eat @ TARBUSH Ampang Point


Wow, my parents took me to this place where we eat Lebanese cuisine which was awesome!

This place is called Tarbush in Ampang Point KL. A lot of varieties of Lebanese food are available. Suitable for vegetarians too.

Look at what we ate on that day!

This is our starter... Tabouleh Salad, a very smooth and nice salad. Contains Parsley, various salads and tomatoes with a special sauce.

My mom ordered this, Briyani Lamb rice. Yum!

This is my drink for the day. It's called VIMTO, yes you heard me right. It tastes like cough syrup but smoother :p, I like! 

Arabic tea cup...

erm, this is Vine Leaves. Rice packed with wine leaves. It tastes different, you guys should try it i DARE you! :p

My course for the day, Tarbush Dory Fish with rice. I like!

My Dad ordered this, its Shish Tawook Sandwich. A lot of lamb meat inside very tasty. The meat is tender too. You guys should try this if you're not into rice.

My sister ordered Shish Kebab! It looks like that but it tastes awesome! enuff said.

and this is Kofta, looks mouth watering does it?

and for our dessert, Cream Caramel...

and this, Mahallabiya. Ya, it's 'mahal' alright. and you can taste perfume when you eat it. I was wondering what was the smell that i tasted. Soon, after a long thinking of non-sense i figured, it's rose water :p haha. This is a must try for dessert ;)

We all enjoyed our stay here. I recommend you guys to come and try it. Aiseh, once in a while lah spend your money for something special like this!
Eating while having a good time, it's priceless :) 

a delightful feast for our eyes when we were eating... ha-ha

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