Wednesday, March 03, 2010

Book of ELI?

It's been a while since i saw Denzel Washington in an action movie. His movies like Man on Fire (2004) and Dejavu (2006) has been one those good movies that i saw.

Now, he's back with Book of ELI. What do i think of the movie?

Before we proceed, let me ask you a question... have you ever wonder what will happen when all that we have (money, future, career, etc) is lost in an instant and all that you have to depend on is our own survival, everyday?

and without any true guidance, what has become of us, the human race?

This is what the movie is all about. For me personally, i like the movie. It give the sense of where we actually belongs and what are we as humans need in reality.

The story sets 30 years after a 'nuclear catastrophic' event. A lot of people are dead and those who born after the incident doesn't know how to read and they live like dinosaurs!. Humans has lost faith and bad things has been done to each other.

 Mila Kunis is hot, i like! :p

Denzel (Eli) is on a quest to send a 'book' to a place somewhere in the west. During the journey he encountered many problems and neverending conflicts. Then, he meet Mila (Solara) and Gary Oldman (Carnegie), thus everything starts to change for Eli. Carnegie believes that the 'book' could give him 'power' and making him the savior of mankind.

Denzel portray the character very well

Some of the scenes in the movie might scare you or disgust you but to understand the film well, you have to imagine that you are inside the movie scenario with Eli. Then, you will know that some things are necessary even for you to survive. Like eating a cat for dinner (ops! spoiler :p)

Well, I'm not gonna tell you how it's end (you have to watch it!) but i assure you that the movie is one hell of a ride! Packed with action, drama and suspense for your movie going satisfaction. You'll be surprise with the ending regarding Eli and the 'book' :)

I give it a solid 4 over 5 stars

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