Monday, March 22, 2010



Can I have your job, James May aka Capt. Slow? Richard Hammond? Jeremy?

I would love to tell the world on how to be a good Top Gear presenter and drive Fifth Gear's own insanity to a full ocean of nothing!

I have been a fan of cars especially fast and powerful cars. I love to drive them in the morning, the smell of the burn petrol and the adrenaline rush, I just love it!

I don't have the characteristic or charisma like Jeremy Clarkson but I do have the same character and passion like James May... with a better sense on driving better than him, haha! :p

I eat G-Force for breakfast!

FYI, I attended the AADA Advanced Driving Course in 2009 and Honda's Safety Driving Course in 2008. Have been implementing the techniques learned everyday since. Oh, I used to drive Subaru Impreza Ver.7 too.

She loved it when i drive... she really do

Oh please Top Gear, I can have a job there?!
I really want it!

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