Saturday, March 06, 2010

SMALLVILLE renewed for 10th season!

Smallville is goin to be continued for 10th season!
This is such a good news for those superman fans out there.
Including me of course.

First casts of Smallville (2002)

I still remember the time i saw the first season of Smallville in 2002, during that time i was in my first year @ Multimedia University (MMU). Oh, how time flies, i need to get a life!
To think that i've wasted 10 years of my life because of Smallville seems true but screw it! This is one of those shows that i loved watching because of the casts and how they construct the storyline makes me eager to know more season after season.

Smallville now! (2010)

I really hope that there will be more of the Justice League in the 10th season and please bring back Lex Luthor! As a constant viewer, i really hope that the action scenes would be longer and not too short with abrupt ending just like when Clark was fighting Doomsday and Bizarro.

Absolute Justice (season 9 episode 11), a 2 hour movie event!


I'm looking foward to this 10th season, some say that this will be the FINAL season to this epic journey of 'the Traveller' but who knows. Maybe we could get to see Superman in his 40's haha!

Anyways, Clark should start working on how to fly. It's a bit annoying to see that his cousin (Kara aka Supergirl) can fly already. They say 'girls mature earlier than guys' but come on! XD

If you're new to Smallville or want to continue watching it, i recommend you to watch season 6 episode 11 (6x11) the birth of the Justice League, most of season 7 episodes includes Supergirl , and episode 8x11 the Legion of Superheroes!, very cool.

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