Friday, March 12, 2010

Twilight Saga: ECLIPSE trailer!

the wait is finally over...

The Twilight Saga: Eclipse teaser trailer is online today! (11 March 2010 @ 8pm, Malaysian Time). After watching it, i could say that twilight fans are not going to regret it as the teaser trailer shows the following events taken from the book.

A short clip of the Volturi meeting Bella and Edward after a gruesome fight with Victoria.
The Bella's inner conflict on which side she should choose... between Edward and Jacob.

"In a few decades, all the people that you love will be dead"

It's just sad to know that the coming event might upset Jacob's fans but it's interesting to see on how they would make it onto the big screen. Well, we just have to found out this 30th June wont we?

"You won't have to change for me Bella, I'm in love with you and i want you to pick me instead of him"

Planning a war strategies guys?

Yes, Victoria is bacckkk!!!
(Ya, they re-cast her. If you notice, it's Peter Parker's college lab partner from Spiderman 3)

I'm just eager to see the jealousy scenario in the tent during the storm where Jacob and Edward had a talk fight while Bella is in a sleeping bed with Jacob. Will it be on the feature movie? I don't know. Finger's crossed.

Who will you decide Bella?

Will look forward to the full length trailer somewhere around April or early May. I really hope that for the next trailer, there would be some scenes of the final battle, some sneak peek on the newborn army and the vampire-werewolves alliance!

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