Saturday, March 13, 2010


This is my dream car, take a look at it. It's just a work of art.

Been told as a replacement model of the AE86, the car that make Initial D an international sensation. With rear wheel drive, this is the perfect car for those who wants to have a different kind of driving experience and it's also a great car to start drifting. It has me targeted to own one too!

Expected to be launched next year...

For now, feast your eyes with this official images from Toyota.

Just look at those sport rims, auw!
The back side does look a bit odd but what the heck! I don't care!

The front does look a bit like a Dodge Viper eh?

With a 2.0 L Flat-4 Toyota-Subaru "D-4S" Boxer engine, this car is gonna 'fly'!

Maybe those seats will be changed to Recaro bucket seats...

Look at those... Will it make it to final production?

AE-86, the car that started it all.
In Malaysia, it costs around RM50k to own a good one. For me, its too expensive for 2nd hand car :(


FT-86 is still in prototype development. I have high hopes on this car as i have been for the recent Lancer Evolution 10. Could i afford this FT-86? as Evolution 10 is too expensive here in Malaysia (approx. RM300k with tax, which i hate). Lets pray for the best, still we have to wait for a year to see the final production of the car. 

So, lets start saving now!

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